The ultimate guide to campus and virtual computing labs

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Are you looking for a better way to deliver applications? Are you spending too much time managing physical machines and labs? Are you looking for a better solution to specialist computer labs?

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The ultimate guide to campus computer labs and ‘virtual labs’ is your one-stop-shop for learning everything you need to know about campus computer labs and turning them into 'virtual labs' using virtualization and remote access technologies.

In this guide, we cover the following details of campus labs and virtual labs:

  • An introduction and a short history of campus labs and why they're a staple in the modern university
  • The reason campus computer labs are on their way to becoming an archaic solution
  • The alternative: virtual labs...
  • How do virtual labs compare to other technologies or approaches?
  • The benefits and limitations of virtual labs
  • How to enable virtual labs and overcome the associated challenges
  • What are the costs of enabling virtual labs?
  • How to deploy a new virtual labs initiative
  • A comparison of virtual labs solutions

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